Rentalz OnDemand


Frequently Asked Questions

Rentalz OnDemand is an online document portal providing easy access to Statements, Invoices, Correspondence and Inspection Reports, secured by a personal user name and password. If you are a property owner, a tenant or a creditor, Rentalz OnDemand allows you to access the approved information authorised by your property management agency.

Once your agency has registered with ‘Rentalz OnDemand’ service, you will receive an invitation email.
Your invitation email will advise how to establish your Rentalz OnDemand account and will include your authorisation code. Simply click on the unique link to allow you to create your account via username and password and your preferred salutation.

We recommend you not to use your email as your username and suggest creating a unique name for security purposes.
If you have more than one property managed by various agencies, we can bring them all together if the agencies are registered with Rentalz OnDemand.
You will receive an invitation email from your manager/agent which must be registered with Rentalz OnDemand as a data supplier.

Once you have received an invitation email with your authorisation code and other details necessary to establish your Rentalz OnDemand account, click on the unique link sent to you which will allow you to create your account via username and password.

Your activation will allow you to choose the preferred salutation used by Rentalz Ondemand.
If you have more than one property managed by various agencies, we recommend you not to use your email as your username and suggest creating a unique name for security purposes.
Rentalz OnDemand is specifically designed to bring all your documents based on your client profiles under a single Rentalz OnDemand account. When you receive your new invitation email from your other Agency, simply repeat the procedure similar to activation of your account with one difference:

When you get to the Rentalz OnDemand 'Create Account' page, supply your existing username and password and click the 'Add to existing Account' button.

You may notice that various agencies might have your name spelt slightly differently, e.g. with or without middle name, all capitals etc. This is why we introduced salutation input field so you can choose a single name used by Rentalz OnDemand to greet you.
There are two ways how to access your documents. Your Agency may provide a link from their website for easy access to your Rentalz OnDemand account Sign In page, simply add your username and password and click Sign in.

Alternatively save our link to allow you to go directly to the site at your own leisure.

In both cases, enter your username and password and click the 'Sign in' button to access your account.

If you have a Facebook account, you can click the 'Sign in with Facebook' button.
If you have a Facebook account, you can use the alternative sign-in method provided on main page of Rentalz OnDemand.

Go to and click the 'Sign in with Facebook' button.

First time you will be redirected to page where you have to submit your Rentalz OnDemand username and password to create the initial link.

Next time use the 'Sign in with Facebook' button to go directly to the document list.

You can release the Facebook ID from your account if you click the 'Manage my Account' link in the document list, then click the 'Release my Facebook ID' link.

This may be useful if you want to link your Facebook account to other Rentalz Ondemand account.
Your approved list of documents will be available for your review when you sign into your account, you will be able to view your documents in various formats depending on your requirements.

If you have set up your account with more than one Agency or you have multiple client profiles – such as you are an owner but also a tenant and/or a creditor, a drop down box located at the top of the documents page will appear. This will allow you to select the appropriate client profile/agency based on your requirements.

This is only applicable if you have linked your multiple client profiles/agencies by adding them to your single Rentalz OnDemand account. Please see how this can be achieved above in the FAQ #3.

Select your preferred client profile/agency and Rentalz OnDemand will show your requested set of documents.
All the documents are available in an electronic PDF format. To open this format, your computer should have installed a PDF document viewer app, such as Acrobat Reader or similar.

Rentalz OnDemand offers several ways to view your documents:

View – All documents will be available to instantly view on your screen, this is not a downloaded saved version option and will only be viewed in the browser.

Download – Click download to save your documents to your PC or mobile device to view at your own leisure.

Email – Tick the documents you wish to receive in email format, you must tick each of the selected document/s which will be sent to the authorised email address you provided at activation, simply click on the email selected documents button and your documents will be sent to your email address. Maximum 12 documents can be sent per request.

You may use various email addresses for various purposes, one email per client profile such as owner, creditor or tenant, these details must be registered and approved by your manager/agent.

Please note that if you have two or more email addresses you will receive an invitation email for all registered client profiles and you can link them to one Rentalz OnDemand account so your documents are in the same place at all times.
The documents are provided and approved by your manager/agent. Rentalz OnDemand does not store them (only temporarily when you are requesting to view or download a single document), all documents are managed in real time.

In cases when you cannot find a certain document, you will be able to send a message through Rentalz OnDemand to your manager/agent to assist with your query. Your property management team will respond accordingly during office hours.
If any of your details change such as your email address, please notify your property management team to ensure that the correct information is on file at all times to allow access to your documents.
On the main page, where you sign in into Rentalz OnDemand, click on link 'Forgot username or password'. This will bring you to 'Reset password' page where you enter your email address and (optionally) your Rentalz OnDemand username.

Rentalz OnDemand will confirm your identity based on its internal database. If all details match you will receive an email with a new authorisation code. When you click on unique link provided in the email, this will allow you to 'Change Username and/or Password'.

Click the 'Submit changes' button.

Once changed this will provide a data feed that is integrated into your single Rentalz OnDemand account.
For security reasons, we allow you create your Rentalz OnDemand account within 5 days from the time you receive your invitation email.

If you haven’t received your invitation email or have not created your new account within the 5 days of receipt click on 'Email me Authorisation Code' to receive a instructions on activation.
This means there is no communication between the Rentalz OnDemand portal and the data server at your Agency at the time you try to sign in.

This could be related to a computer problem or power outage or a disconnection of the Internet which may occur for a short amount of time.

We ask for your patience during this time and try again later. If the problem persists, you may contact your Agency via email for a more accurate time the service will be back online.
We try our best to include remedial support and any error message should include contact details on your screen detailing the error message.

If you decide to report the error to the Rentalz OnDemand support team, please quote the text of error message preferably in a screen shot and any error code numbers accurately to assist with offering a solution resolution.

The best method of reporting such a problem is via email or phone number provided.